What To Do When Your Commercial Laundry Machines Breakdown

Purchasing or renting a high-quality commercial laundry machine is the surest way of having a successful laundry business. Even then, you might have established routine maintenance practices and replacement of laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts but still encounter breakdown issues. Though this is frustrating, the good news is that you can still get your business back on track and your laundry machine up and running again. Below are some actions to take when your laundry machine breaks down.

Stay calm

It’s normal to panic or get worked up when your commercial laundry machine experiences issues. But, realize that this interferes with how you solve the problem. Instead, consider staying calm this way, you’ll easily figure out the possible solutions including finding the right alliance laundry parts for your equipment.

Prioritize safety

The first thing to do when your commercial laundry machine breaks down is to unplug the power cord before trying to diagnose the problem. If the taps are running, immediately turn them off to avoid more problems on the machine. Also, check that the safety standards are high to avoid health hazards such as electrical shocks and further leakages. Ensuring that you’re in a secure place prevents the laundry machine’s further damage. As a result, you can easily fix the problem at hand without risking your safety.

Revisit the manual or equipment guide

Surprisingly, the most immediate help for a laundry machine breakdown could be at your fingertips if you go through the buying guide carefully. The buying manual can be resourceful as it comes with detailed guidelines, safety measures, and maintenance information. So, it’s of best interest to consult it in the event of a laundry machine breakdown. The solution to the problem you’re experiencing could be right in the manual, saving you the time and money of hiring a technician. So, make sure you go through the laundry machine’s buying manual carefully when your machine starts acting abnormally.

Keep a record of everything

You don’t have to wait for the technician to come to your laundromat as it may take longer than expected. Instead, you can capture images and videos of the issue with your Smartphone then send it to them. Surprisingly they can even diagnose the problem before they are physically present. They can as well come fully prepared to fix the machine in quick steps. Documenting the whole procedure can still help in settling any insurance or legal concerns.

Contact a laundry equipment professionals

Once your commercial laundry machine stops working, avoid researching a solution on the internet or attempting to fix it yourself. Remember, you’re not sure of the experience and the skill set of whoever is offering the solutions online. In contrast, you should contact a certified laundry machine expert who’s in the best position to diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Since they have the required experience and expertise, they’ll repair your laundry equipment carefully. In addition, they have the necessary tools to get your equipment running again and have your business operations running smoothly.

Routine maintenance and inspections are important in ensuring your commercial laundry equipment operates efficiently. As such, using reminders, alerts, checklists, and calendars will ensure you keep these errands top of mind.

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