How To Attract The Right Instagram Followers For Your Business

It is a common milestone that companies strive toward as they build a solid brand through social media. To some, achieving this tier proves that you have the ability to be a real influencer in your chosen industry. But with so many influencer marketing trends on the increase, many Instagram users will buy lists of possible followers simply to reach that same goal. If you don’t want to become just another Instagram user, learn some tips to make this popular platform better for you and your business. Find out what you should be focusing on.

Don’t rush into purchasing large numbers of Instagram accounts. While you may be tempted to do so to attract the largest number of followers, this is not always a good strategy. Instead, look for smaller, specialized profiles that fit your brand and related products or services. To attract more people to these accounts, consider offering special incentives or sharing helpful information within the bio or tweets.

When sending out messages to instagram followers (seguidores), focus on providing value first. For instance, instead of trying to sell something to a broad audience by offering an instant solution, create a useful guide or how-to video. Treating customers like you would your biggest fan provides a valuable experience that can’t be underestimated. Next, use the bio or tweets to share your expertise. No one is looking to buy solutions from an infomercial, after all. Taking time to share valuable information can help you attract more Instagram followers and drive up sales.

The main mistake many people make when trying to market on instagram is to use too many captions. In reality, only two to three short captions are needed to attract attention and encourage engagement. Long captions that go on for ever are seen as spam and will get rejected by the audience. Instead, keep your content concise and to the point. Short but meaningful descriptions will also help you gain more instagram followers and drive up sales.

A big mistake new Instagram followers make is not making use of their Iggy and Iguvest filters. The igtv series was a huge success because the series focused on real people and featured their recommendations. If you’re not going to feature recommendations that are already popular, look to the igtv series for inspiration and then use this as a part of your instagram marketing strategy.

There are many ways to grow an Instagram following. Some strategies are better than others, though, depending on the size of your audience and engagement level. While it might seem daunting at first, seeing the right amount of followers and engagement can quickly grow your audience. By offering great content, marketing yourself to the right audience, and implementing the tips above, you will quickly see the gains that you can enjoy from your instagram followers and ensure that you continue to experience a steady growth in sales.

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