Customer Loyalty Programs As a Marketing Strategy

A customer loyalty program or customer rewards program is an effective customer retention strategy that motivates consumers to keep buying from you rather than a less popular competitor. An effective customer loyalty program should be designed and implemented to enhance customer loyalty and increase overall customer satisfaction.


Most companies create customer loyalty programs through individual employee incentive programs, wherein an employee is rewarded for every customer they refer to the company. These individual programs do not provide companies with a direct monetary incentive, but rather instill a sense of pride in the eyes of the customer and motivate them to give back to the company. Other ways to increase customer loyalty include creating and monitoring customer satisfaction surveys which are then used to reward customers for their positive input.


There are several ways that a company can create a customer loyalty program, including an incentive program for new customers, employee recognition programs, customer loyalty programs designed to reward repeat customers, and post-sale customer incentive programs. Many companies use customer loyalty programs to encourage purchases from existing customers.


For new customers, the company may run promotional programs such as providing customers with a credit towards the purchase of their first product if they purchase within a specified amount of time after they receive this promotional gift from the company. The same concept is applied to other loyalty gifts such as discounts at stores, merchandise, and services. Some businesses offer customers a percentage of the total purchase price when they purchase the business after they have made a prior purchase from that same business.


Some other types of customer loyalty programs are those that provide rewards for purchases made in a specific store. For example, some companies offer customers free merchandise or a coupon for purchases made in that store. Other companies offer money for purchases or certificates for a specific amount of time.


Other rewards programs give points or discounts for the number of referrals that a business receives within a specified time frame. Cash rewards programs, free merchandise, and certificates are all great examples of incentives that could be implemented into a customer loyalty program.


The purpose of customer loyalty programs is to keep customers loyal and satisfied with the company. If a customer makes a purchase once and decides to not make that same purchase again, that purchase will not be counted as a “wish” on that customer loyalty program.


This means that a business does not lose any potential revenue by offering a customer loyalty program. A customer retention program keeps customers coming back to a business because they see future benefits in purchasing from that business, as well as being offered a way to receive cash or other incentives for referring friends and family to the business.

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