Things to Remember While Choosing Odor Control Units for Your Warehouse

Choosing the best odor control units for your warehouse can be challenging. That’s because odor control equipment and products are available in different kinds and forms. This makes the choosing process harder as you would want to pick something that meets your needs and requirements. For instance, if you choose dust control systems, you should ensure it is the right size for your warehouse. Also, it should be of good quality.


Before you choose your odor and dust control unit, first consider why you need that unit. Does your warehouse have a bad smell or dust you want to eliminate or do you simply intend to keep the air clean and clear any toxins and pollutants? When you know the purpose of the unit you want, then you can proceed to choose the preferred one that meets that purpose.

Room Size

You will need to have the size of your warehouse in mind also the odor control unit you choose should be of the right fit. If your warehouse is large, then you may need one large dust control system or several odor-eliminating products.  If the warehouse size is small, then choose a small system to avoid taking up much space. You can use the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) to check how fast a given purifier cleans the air in a particular room size.


Odor eliminators come in various forms. For instance, you’ll come across deodorizers that are designed to neutralize the bad smell. They come in a scented and unscented form which can be used as gels, sprays, beads, plug-ins among others. Purifiers on the other hand are designed with filters to clear the air of pollutants, toxins, allergens, and odors leaving the air clean and fresh. Mobile atomizer units are self-contained systems that feature fan casings, atomizers, and electrical controls. Then, some nozzle systems are made to fit and can be adjusted to ensure the system pumps sufficient odor neutralizing droplets into the air. These aren’t all the odor eliminators on the market today. But, from these, you can choose the type that will effectively cover your warehouse and eliminate or mask any foul smell in the facility.


Also, consider the ingredients of each product whether natural or chemical. The most common ingredient used are chemicals. These have a long-lasting scent and are highly effective. Natural products have a variety of ingredients each with its purpose.


In line with the purpose, choose products that will last long enough to deal with the present and future needs.  Since a warehouse will be in constant use, chances of frequent bad smells and dust are inevitable. As such; you need equipment or products such as plug-ins which can last up to months. Even then, choose products that will best serve your odor control needs.

As you choose your preferred product or system to use, keep in mind the size of your warehouse, the issue you seek to address, the type of product, the ingredients used, and the lifespan.

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