Things that you should be looking

for in third party tests of cannabis


Some many steps and processes are used in making cannabis products for medicinal use and recreational purposes. From the farmer to the oil extraction, the ingredient buyer to the retailer, there are many steps that hemp plants must go through before products are made from it. When you are purchasing cannabis products, you should always make sure that you are making your purchase from a supplier or from a cannabis dispensary that makes its test results available for cannabis consumers or buyers. That should one indicator that you are buying cannabis from a dispensary that is transparent. There are many cannabis dispensaries out there but not all of them are genuine. To find a genuine Online dispensary Canada, you must work towards finding one. One thing that you should request is the cannabis test results. If you are given the results, here are some of the things to look for

The date that the test was done

This is the first important thing that you should never fail to check when you are checking the COA report or test results. The date that the report was completed should be at the top of the product report. Although many companies and suppliers choose to do tests on their own, that may not be enough to prove that the cannabis products are safe for use. That is why it is very important to insist on third-party test results from a reputable company. When looking for the lab results, you should consider the results from the past few months.

The cannabinoid content

This is also another very important factor that you should always check in a cannabis report before you can make your purchase. If you are going to order cannabis products that contain 300mg CBD, you want to make sure that the product truly contains 300mg of CBD. The cannabinoid content is always done to determine the amount of CBD in a product. Some reports lie and are not true. That is why a third party test will help clear your doubts. When checking, you should never fail to check the CBD content in the report.

Presence of any type of contaminants

This is also what you should never fail to check when you are checking the cannabis product report. One thing that you should know about the hemp plant is that it absorbs any substance that comes it’s way. That means that if the hemp plant was grown in a surrounding that was contaminated, the hemp and the products will be contaminated as well. Some farmers use a lot of chemicals when they are growing the hemp plant. You will always think that you are buying the best cannabis product until you try to read and check the report about the contaminants available in the cannabis product. This means that you should be extra-vigilant when you buy marijuana online products.

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