The Worst Kind of Broker: 10 Warning Signs to Avoid

Are you looking for a stockbroker? Do you know what to look out for when choosing one? This article will outline the 10 warning signs that signify that your broker may not be trustworthy. We’ll also provide some tips on how to find an honest stockbroker.

The worst kind of broker is one who does not put their clients’ interests first.

Some of the most common warning signs that a broker might be playing you are as follows:

  1. They have hidden fees.
  1. They charge commissions on transactions that they did not execute.
  1. Their stock recommendations are inconsistent with your goals or time horizon.
  1. They always seem to be trying to sell you something else, like an insurance product or other financial products they represent in addition to stocks and bonds.
  1. They talk about how they are doing very well in the markets.
  1. They don’t provide any research or recommendations.
  1. They refuse to show you their trades.
  1. They refuse to tell you what other clients have done.
  1. They seem to be only in it for the money.
  1. They sell stocks or bonds before they have a chance to go up in price.

The best ways to find an honest broker are:

  • A good place to start your search would be the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) website or the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc (NASD). They both provide valuable information on brokers and brokerage firms that are registered with them. Enter their name, city, state, or zip code into their database, and you will get all relevant contact and regulatory information about that person, including details on any complaints they may have had lodged against them over recent years.
  • Another option is to ask friends or colleagues if they know anyone trustworthy? If someone recommends a friend or colleague as being honest, then there’s more than likely a strong chance that they are.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to ‘stalk’ the broker on social media. You can find out a lot about their character and personality by simply looking at what they post or share with others.
  • Another crucial part of your research is the brokerage firm itself. One way to do this would be by contacting them directly via email or phone call for information regarding any history of misconduct, pending investigations, or disciplinary actions against its brokers in recent years (which may not show up on regulatory databases).
  • Another way you can find a stockbroker is to go with someone your financial advisor or broker has recommended.
  • The final step in your research is to request a list of all the brokers working for that particular brokerage firm. There may be some big differences between one broker and another, so don’t be afraid to ask questions before you settle on just one or two.

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