Safety Factors To Consider When Building An Office

When constructing a new office for your company, there are many factors to consider for ensuring your building meets the regulations within the UK. You will need to have many features included in the design of your office building that adheres to Health & Safety and other regulations and ensure that it is fit for purpose. It can be confusing, and you can click here to see how many rules and regulations you must comply with, which can be challenging to manage. Below are some things you will need to include in your new office building to adhere to the regulations and ensure your new premises are safe and a productive workspace for your employees.

Use Fire-Rated Materials

When constructing a commercial building such as an office, you must use fire-rated materials to help reduce how quickly a fire can spread. You can use various suitable materials, such as fire-rated plasterboard from, ceiling tiles, and flooring materials which can help make it harder for a fire to spread quickly. It can be the difference between life and death should a fire break out, and it is something that you must ensure adheres to the regulations to make a safe working environment.

A Fire Sprinkler System

You may also need to install a fire sprinkler system which will automatically turn on when the monitoring system detects a fire. The system consists of pipes in the ceiling with sprinklers poking through the ceiling tiles, which will distribute water when the fire alarm is triggered, and they can make a significant difference if this happens. They are not there to put the fire out but will help to prevent it from spreading too quickly and give everyone plenty of time to evacuate should your office building have a fire.

Fire Alarms

You will also need to ensure you have enough fire alarms throughout the building that people can pull when they see a fire. It is also common to have a fire hose in the same location as the alarms, so they may be able to put it out should it be small and manageable. You must regularly test the fire alarm points you install to ensure they work and can be used in the event of a fire.

Emergency Lights & Signage

You will also need to install emergency lights in your office building that are independently powered and do not rely on the mains power supply to work. These light systems will come on in an emergency and help people see their way out of the building and are connected to the mains and batteries. You will also want emergency signage showing the emergency exits of the building, which light up and do not rely on mains power either. The emergency lights and signs also require testing at regular intervals to ensure they are fully functional.

The above are a few things you must consider and supply when you are building a new office for your company, and there are many more factors to consider. Ensure you do not cut corners and use the best quality materials possible, which can make a significant difference should there be a fire.

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