Online Coaching Supervision – Is it Something We Should Embrace?

As humans, we naturally prefer to work with a coaching supervisor face to face. But things are rapidly changing, and many are discovering the benefits of working with a coach online. Working with an online coaching supervisor is more convenient and easier to access than the traditional method. In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages of opting for online coaching and why we should embrace it.

Getting the Most from Your Coach

You may think that your coach will not be mentally connected when you work online but the opposite is often truer. Most good quality professional coaching supervisors are mentally prepared for each session online. They show up with a bundle of energy and are fully primed to deliver a constructive session. Coaching supervision doesn’t have to be done face to face to be successful.

When you commute to a coaching session, it takes some time to calm down and adjust to your settings. Whereas when both the coach and student login online, they are in a relaxed environment and ready to start the session. There is no need to settle into the session, both parties are already present which allows the client to get the most out of the session.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that hiring a coaching supervisor online is going to save you money. You will save a lot of money on travel costs and other expenses that are associated with traditional sessions. It is a lot easier to turn on a computer or laptop and consult with a coaching supervisor online than it is to visit their office. When you have to travel distances, you sometimes miss important sessions.

More Privacy

Another big benefit of working with a coaching supervisor online is privacy. You are in the comfort of your own home or office which makes it easier to discuss any issues you may have. If you meet up in a physical location like an office or coffee shop, there are a lot of distractions around that can make it difficult to concentrate.

Working as a coach is never an easy position, if anything goes wrong you are the one who usually takes the blame. Being in an environment where you can freely express your emotions and discuss your problems without having to worry about others is always going to be more beneficial. That is one of the reasons why online coaching is so popular.

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