How Instagram stories help you grow your account?

Instagram stories are popular today as well as Buy Instagram Video Views.  Many people using the social media platform know them as well as other new features revealed recently. The use of Instagram stories enables businesses to promote their products.  From a recent Instagram statistic, you should know that the social media platform has over 500 million active users. The latter figure is enormous and double the number of users present in other social media sites. In this article, we will look at the different ways in which one can use some of these Instagram new features to promote a business.

Take note of the changes on the Instagram stories Camera.

Recently, the Instagram stories camera has received a revamp. That should not worry you as the new camera comes with improved features. The way it is revamped is today is with a completely new mode. The changes will allow people to create new content without necessarily having to create videos or photos.  Other new changes on the camera feature include attaching Gifs as Gimpy. You can as well repost the new stories tagged in. Not to also mention that you can create new countdown to important events. Moreover, the major highlight is the addition of the On This Day button.  Many of these updates have come with the acquisition of Instagram used as a popular social media platform.

Ways of using Instagram Stories creation mode.

To use the Instagram stories creation mode, you will need to open the Instagram stories camera normally as you do. You will proceed to create the text on the menu at the bottom. The next thing will be for you to choose the feature you will want to use on your story. You will proceed to place the sticker where you will want to use.  The last step will be you publishing the stories where you will want the different followers to see.  For marketer using Instagram, they can take full advantage of the vast Gifs database that Instagram has to offer. You should note that there are over 1 billion GIFS available. Therefore, it means you will have a wide variety of them to choose.  While using question stickers, it will be important to try to incorporate the ask me style.  Make sure you do this with a person who has already established a strong Instagram presence.  You can as well open the floor and let users ask all the questions they want.

Another thing to note is that the close friend lists dictates who will view your stories. The Instagram close friend list is a new idea. Understandably, this feature will suit the most private users, and many brands today are starting to see its value.  You will need to start to create the close friends lists. Start by going to your profile and then click on the three lines that feature at the upper right corner. Select the close friends’ lists.

In conclusion, Instagram stories is a brand new feature that enable Instagram users to share their stories.  You can use these stories differently as addressed in this buy real instagram video views article.

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