Guide To Different Types Of Commercial Laundry Equipment – 4 Types You Should Know

Commercial grade laundry machines are a key part of the laundry industry. This equipment includes energy-efficient washers that clean laundry well and will last for years. Additionally, commercial dryers effectively remove water plus they run quick cycles allowing you to serve more customers in a short period. For a business owner, investing in a high-quality Girbau North America coin operated washing machine can help you easily meet your laundry demands. As such, the laundry machines have more programs and features than the typical residential machines, making them a better option.

Girbau North America offers different types of commercial laundry machines that you can choose from. However, before you choose one that works best for your business, you must be familiar with the different options available. Here are the different types of commercial laundry equipment that you need to know.

The front loader

You put your laundry batch from the front side with a front loader. These are pretty cumbersome to use in a commercial facility with huge loads since the person putting in the load has to keep bending down to put in and empty the loads. Front-loaders are, however, said to be water and energy-efficient. The reason is that the inner basket on the front load is set horizontally, and it does not need to be filled with water to do its job well—front loaders only a third of the water used by a top-loading machine.

Top loader

With a top loader, the door of the laundry machine is on the top. The front loader is better since you do not need to keep bending down to feed and empty the load. A top loader has a drum inside with an agitator that provides the washing. You can stop it mid-cycle with a top loader to toss on a new load if you forget. They also have short wash cycles when compared to other loaders. Top loaders are the most used globally because of their ease of use.

Continuous batch washer (CBW)

Also known as tunnel washers, the CBW’s are used for high-volume laundry facilities. The laundry can be processed continuously at predetermined intervals from soiled to dry with these machines. These washers have different compartments that make up every step of the laundering process. They are designed to control temperatures, dip levels, and chemicals to customize the loads.

Wash extractors

Wash extractors are used in healthcare facilities and hotels. These washers are designed to extract more water while using less energy than the standard washers. Wash extractors sometimes come with a side loader because many have an access door towards the end of the cylinder cage. The load is transferred to a hydro extractor after the wash cycle since wash extractors can provide continuous batch washing. In some models, the laundry washed using this method can bypass the drying phase. If the laundry needs to be ironed, it can be passed to the ironing phase through the tumble dryer.

The type of commercial laundry equipment you choose for your business largely depends on your business’s nature and the loads you need to cater to daily. Before settling up your laundry business, ensure that you do your due diligence for the best laundry equipment.

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