Easy Tools To Create A Website Online

Google functions on the library of websites that are there on the web. Websites have become a medium for people to share information about their products, knowledge about subjects, make networks and even assist businesses. If you are into a business or hobby, this is the right time to benefit from it by creating a website online and turning it into a credible platform.

Getting a website created is not harsh on the pocket or the mind of the creator. It just needs a creative instinct and usage of some software to make your dream project ready. Here is how!

Install WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management system that allows users to create a login and make a website for free. Most of the gadgets come with a preinstalled app but it is simple to download and install it for creating a website or blog online for free. The hosting panel takes you to the WP platform where you can create website with manual installations and selections.

Create a website

There are several free and paid plans on WordPress to select on the kind of website you want to create. You can register a name and an attached email to it for the people to reach out to you. Thereafter you are guided through several themes, features and customization options that let you set your website according to your choice and personalization. These are both free and paid. Your budget and creativity decides the designs.


After a website is created a dashboard is where you get to login. This is the internal communicative platform where all the settings and backend procedure takes place. The dashboard is your area to add pictures, create content, personalize, add admins, authors etc and also make way for the most creative SEO techniques. The dashboard allows you to work on the website much like a social media platform to make the ultimate website look attractive.

Create content and publish

Once you get equipped with the functioning of the dashboard your work begins. You can create pages of the website, get personalized URLs and also create content as per your desire. Make the best possible content and publish it to make it visible to the audience. The more content you post the more informative your website becomes.

WordPress is a website builder, SEO platform and also a great tool to work on when you are passionate about writing. Start with your website designing for free!

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