4 Ways You Can Deliver Effective Dust Control During Construction Activities

Dust emissions come with many problems that can affect construction works. This is especially the case if the site is located near other buildings or public facilities or structures, or next to busy public areas. While dust control dates back to the 1880s, different methods and techniques have since been established. But of these, only a few have proven to be effective. An effective dust control measure leads to improved health and quality of life as well as protecting the environment. Below are some of the best dust control methods offered by BossTek.

Misting cannons

Misting cannons are a good approach to keep dust particles at bay. These devices use fine droplets of water to collect dust and dump it to the ground, lowering overall water consumption while running on autopilot. There are various types of cannons to choose from. For example, the DB-60 misting guns are water droplet misting cannons that catch and drop dust to the ground. These systems are automated and do not require a worker to operate them throughout the day. Because of the lower water cost and effective tiny water droplets, misting cannons are an ideal solution for dust control.

Tower units

The tower units offer a flexible and adaptable dust and odor control solution. The tower units spray the worksite from above, preventing nuisance dust or odor from entering the air and even lowering the risk of fugitive dust leaving the job site. The systems are adjusted based on the needs of the unique application and individual area thanks to the variety of tower sizes and features available. Tower mounts can also give a targeted mist to locations where dust is generated. These are made to resist winds of at least 100 mph.


Atomizing misters release a stream of water into millions of small droplets using specially built nozzles. Droplets in the 50 to 200-micron range are dispersed by atomized mist, making them suitable for capturing airborne dust. This is because smaller water droplets are more effective at trapping airborne particles. Atoms are the only device capable of dropping airborne dust particles to the ground and sealing the surface to prevent fugitive dust from escaping. To gently connect to dust particles, fog must persist in the air undisturbed. More water will not enhance dust suppression at a certain point and may even cause difficulties. The advantages of atomized mist technology extend beyond the water itself. With atomized mist, this method allows for more strategic water use and lower associated costs.


Fusion dust suppression is a low-cost dust control and soil stabilizer that may be applied in a variety of ways to produce a more durable, load-bearing surface. It’s a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable product that works by binding and coating surface material. This method further provides a more flexible surface than encapsulation, which can crack, shatter, and wash away. It also rejuvenates moisture, keeping dust particles trapped and providing a superior surface.

There are better and more efficient ways of controlling dust on a construction site. Some of this such as misting cannons, atoms, fusions, and towers are cost-effective and efficient.

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