3 Strategies for Effective Game-Based Compliance Training

To offer employees engaging compliance training, it’s important that you transform “lifeless” corporate compliance training content into interesting and engaging learning resources. And to do this while overcoming the dull nature of compliance training you need to create game-based learning materials. Game-based learning uses tailor-made content or third-party content in a gaming environment. Game-based compliance training is designed to motivate and engage learners to acquire new skills and also help them enhance the skills they already have. With providers like True Office Learning, you can offer training to employees to encourage them to uphold industry-set rules and regulations.

Benefits of game-based compliance training

Game-based training follows the ethics and compliance of the different industries. It offers a unique way of learning through playing and having fun, that’s why it appeals to all employees. Here, the aim of your corporate training is for employees to know about the legal requirements in the industry. Also, you use a game as an instrument for delivering your courses. The games used are an important part of the entire learning process thus helping you to deliver effective compliance training. Some benefits you can expect from your game-based training are that employees will be more motivated to learn. Also, game-based learning creates a safe environment for learners through experimentation and in some cases through trial and error

What are the strategies for effective game-based compliance training?

Here are the most useful techniques and strategies to consider when making a blueprint for your game-based compliance training.

Use personalized journeys and not pre-arranged trips

The best way to impart knowledge on a learner is to have them go on a personalized journey with you. This is achieved by having the learner use game-based learning to deliver an experience that is dependent on the learners’ experience instead of having them go through a predetermined course through a game. This strategy uses personalized game paths, customized characters and the learner gets to select their difficulty level based on their experience.

Learning, not winning, and losing

Most games are designed to produce winners and losers. However, this is not the case with game-based compliance training. This strategy is enhanced by making learning the main objective of the game. This means that the learner has many opportunities to lose in the game without having the “game over” consequence. This encourages the learner to go back to the game with a different approach to learn from their failure. It also encourages the learner to always be persistent before finding a solution to their challenges.

Get feedback, not results

The best way to keep learners motivated is by encouraging them every time through the game-based learning experience. Game-based learning ensures learners get instant feedback rather than win-or-lose results. This enables the learner to self-check and takes the required action to progress in the game.

Game-based compliance training is one of the best ways to foster knowledge in your employees. It encourages them to think independently while still working as a part of a team. Through the different strategies, game-based training encourages employees to be persistent even when they have failed. It also encourages your employees to use the different approaches and strategies to learn even after failure.

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